The Cash for Gas conference held by Northern Gas networks was a great success

More than 100 delegates from sectors including local authorities, farming, waste distribution and industrial food waste attended our Biomethane conference, organised in partnership with the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers.

The conference encouraged stakeholders to consider the commercial advantages of Biomethane production and the steps that organisations need to take to maximise return from their waste.

Biomethane Potential

Dan Sadler presents an overview of the Biomethane production potential within Northern Gas Networks.

Waste and Agricultural Feedstock

Biomethane Specialist Rob Heap discusses how we can ‘think outside of the box’ to achieve ‘critical mass’.          

The Business Case

Gas Entry Equipment provider demonstrates the financial rewards of developing a Biomethane.

Q&A Panel Discussion

Q&A panel chaired by Dan with panel members Rob Heap and John Murphy.      

Commercial Contracts

Peter Williams of E-on Community Energy business informs us on how gas is sold to by the producers to the transporters.

Making Finance Work for You

Compass Renewables are technology financers and Bruce Nelson explains the companies interests in anaerobic digestions and Gas to Grid projects.

Obtaining Finance for Major Projects

Obtaining funding is one of the hurdles producers will have to overcome. Bank of Scotland’s Nick Simmonds and Richard Waters shed light on the topic.

Q&A Panel Discussion

Q&A panel chaired by Dan with panel members Peter Williams, Bruce Nelsons, Nick Simmonds and Richard Waters.

Directors Closing Speech

Northern Gas Networks Asset Direct Martin Alderson concludes the day.