Stage 1 - Network Capacity

Meet the Biomethane team and your dedicated Key Account Manager.

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Check out our distribution network Web maps. Apply for access to our mapped network.

Web Maps

Fill in our enquiry form, it only takes 5 minutes – we’ll be in touch within 15 working days with your response.

Enquiry Form

Let’s discuss the enquiry outcome and next steps. We will be in touch to organise a meeting.

Things are looking good. So it’s time for a capacity study. If you would like to progress to undertaking a Capacity Study please fill out our online form so we can undertake a study to find out if we have suitable capacity on our network.

Capacity Study

The Capacity Studies can be difficult to follow. Our team of specialists will contact you to make sure you have interpreted the data in the report.

Do you need more confidence in the available capacity?

We can undertake real time flow measurement.

Flow Measurement

Stage 2 - Detailed Design

Time to design your project. We're ready to begin the design of your connection. Please identify the services required and issue a request form.

Commence stage 3 - Connection point reservation.

Request form

We'll have a formal offer and terms for your acceptance. Can we help things move along?

Detail Design Study outputs will be with you within 18 weeks.

Detail Design validation outputs will be with you within 6 weeks.

Let's get it together to discuss the finalised design.

Stage 3 - Connection Point Reservation

Once a commitment to design has been made we can start the process of securing point. Fill in the application form and we'll be in touch.

Application form

We'll reserve the connection point for 9 months and work with you to secure the connection point.

If more time is required we can grant you a 6 month extension on the reservation.

The connection points secured once we have finalised the construction agreement.

Stage 4 - Agreements

Let's get the paper work in place. Agreements and Contracts


Stage 5 - Construction

Nearly there! We're ready to physically link your project to our network.


All systems go! Time to get your work underway.